Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Farm

I once worked on a movie called The Farm. It starred Colin Farrell and Al Pacino. Fortunately its name was changed to The Recruit for release. I wouldn't have wanted that Hollywood formula flick to get confused with the excellent short The Farm. Fortunately for filmmaker Tom Henry, the fate that befell Cronenberg and his compellingly original and amazing movie Crash (thanks to Paul Haggis and his derivative and less than amazing movie Crash) will not repeat itself in this instance. Watch The Farm - I've heard Pacino makes an uncredited cameo appearance (he was being sheepish). Bleat.


Sarah said...

I love Cronenburg's Crash- lots of his films, in fact; Naked Lunch, Existenz... I was in a darker place, and these kind of films fed that state of mind, somewhat. Not quite ready to go back and revisit.
I'm not into challenging myself, these days, film-wise; I've turned into a bit of a rom-com, junkfood fan. I like the feelgood without the feelsick, though. The immediate visual impact of film can haunt me for a long, long time; a book seems to offer the control I need; I can shut the monsters inside!

Maggie May said...

You were in a film!!!!!!! Wow.
Why not write about it?

Nuts in May

Amelia said...

thanks for popping over and the comment! I don't know about this film, I have to say I normally have my head down with domestics or art and films get relegated!
Hope you have lots of wishes coming true!


catharine said...

Very professional sheep in "The Farm". That opening scene where they fix the camera and then o so slowly turn away. Tom Henry must have taken time and thought over the casting!!