Sunday, November 16, 2008

My bed lamp has gone crazy. Purchased at Home Depot, it's a tri-light that turns on at the touch of a hand. As if warming to the attention it shines ever brighter with each additional touch, up to two. But suddenly this little lamp has started lighting up all by itself in the middle of the night when all is still and dark and nothing is touching it at all. Snoozing in the quiet darkness I am awakened by its golden glow. I put it back to bed with a soothing touch: hush lamp now sleep. But it will stubbornly come back on again an hour later. It will do this during the day as well, just turn on or go up a notch when no one is even near. Sometimes in the evening I am lying on my bed thinking and it will come on as if to signify the arrival of an idea before I've actually had one. I now call the lamp God. Or I unplug it, light a candle and call it defective.

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